We are more than a limousine and chauffeur service

With our concierge service we offer you a reliable and discrete assistance service. From appointment arrangements to concert tickets. Just ask us.

Arrangement of flights

In cooperation with our partner E-Aviation (www.e-aviation.de) we offer charter flights, e.g. from airport Würzburg/ Giebelstadt. According to individual request or number of passengers, various airplane types are availabe,


  • Cessna Citation Sovereign
    (max. 9 passengers, range up to 5300 km)
  • Cessna Citation M2
    (max. 5-6 passengers, range up to 2600 km)
  • Beechcraft King Air C90GTi
    (max. 5 passengers, range up to 2500 km)


among others.


We take charge of the entire processing, drive you directly to the airplane, and organise, upon your request, a smooth onward journey to your final destination.

Cessna Citation Sovereign


Cessna Citation M2


Beechcraft King Air C90GTi


Medical Care

We do not only take on the drive to your appointment, but also gladly set up, upon request, appointments at doctors, rehab clinics, and hospitals. Even in terms of patient transport, our vehicles naturally offer the usual comfort and safety, so that you as a patient or the patients entrusted to us feel as comfortable as possible.

Arrangements of interpreters

You need an interpreter for a private or business appointment?
We are colaborating with a prestigious translation and interpreting agency and will gladly find you a compatible interpreter. 


  • All languages and language combinations
  • Various fields of expertise
  • Also sworn interpreters and translators
  • Conference interpreting, simultaneous intepreting, liaison intepreting, and much more
  • Also for evening events or at weekends

Hotel reservations / restaurant reservations

  • Recommendations and reservations of hotel rooms
  • Recommendations and reservations of restaurants

Status updates: Keep up to date

On demand, we send status updates via e-mail and/or text (Vehicle hit the road, vehicle has arrived, passenger on board, passenger alighted) and keep the client and his administration respectively informed about the booking.


With us, you keep up to date and do not have to wait around unnecessarily.


Contact us and we find you the appropriate, individual complete package.



Concierge service

Enjoy the premium concierge service of Mercedes Benz before and during the drive. Benefit from flexibility and freedom of information. The highlights of the concierge service include:


  • Searching for the desired destination and letting convey it directly to the navigation system of your vehicle
  • Recommendations and reservations of restaurants and hotels
  • Event bookings, for instance for concert tickets
  • Flower orders with delivery to your desired address
  • Research and processing of your personal search queries
  • Up-to-date information: share prices, sport results, cinema program, weather forecast, travel and transport information

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